Anti-Fraud in virtual product business

You hate them, I hate them too. We are all “Anti-Fraud in virtual product business”

One day before, I have heard a news like that:

we are running the power leveling service, and most of the important game is world of warcraft, everyday we can received more than 100 orders, but only the short time order can be finished, most of the long order can’t be finished at all.

The webmasters and the website owners knew that. There was a shot: if the order was not finished, what should the accounts’ owners do and what should the webmasters do. Refund is not as easy as ABC, most of the time, they will compensate the wow gold, but think about it-how much you have paid. Most of their websites have the gold business, but very expensive. At last you have paid more for the gold, you have lost time and a used account. But if you don’t want this, you just do nothing, you will lose more. Also you can complaint from paypal or credit card, but there was till the chance that you have got nothing.

So you know that, what can be trust now?

Not the quantity of orders, Not the ranking on Google, Not the advertisement in game, Not the low cost

they are PUBLIC PRAISE and TRUSTABLE BRAND. Anti-Fraud in virtual product business.

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