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TERA Power Leveling service is ready, and all buyers and players can order them now. The Exiled Realm of Arborea, also known as TERA, is an MMORPG by Bluehole Studio. TERA has typical MMORPG features such as quests, crafting and player versus player action.
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This guide is intended to help new players understand the basics of the world. Even if you are familiar with MMORPGs, TERA features many systems that you might not be familiar with. Do not fear, help is on the way!

After your character is created, you will see a short cutscene to introduce you, and right afterwards your adventure can start!

Many people on the Island of Dawn (starting zone) will require your help on various tasks. You might be wondering where to find a quest item, where are the monsters to be slain, etc. You can open your quest log with the “L” key at any time. Using this function, you can easily check your quest objectives on the map.

TERA’s combo system is very intuitive, yet hard to master! After successfully using certain skills on an enemy, you will be able to begin a combo chain by pressing the space bar. Some combos will be activated depending on your ability to block, dodge, or simply by being knocked down.

The campfire system is a wonderful social feature. Around a campfire, you replenish your endurance gauge, get various bonuses and find people to group up with!

The enhancement crystals are used to improve your weapons and armor. You can place them in special slots on most equipment pieces. You can acquire crystals by buying them from certain merchants, or looting them from monsters. If you want to try this system out, go to Viator in the Expedition Base Camp on the Island of Dawn!

The enchantment dust can be bought at any merchant.
You can enchant your gear no matter where you are in the world! Select “Enchant” in the main menu and start experimenting. In order to enchant your gear, you will need 3 types of items:

Throughout the game you can obtain various tokens, e.g. through battlegrounds. These tokens can be used at the appropriate vendors to trade them in for special rewards like high-quality armor and weapons. You can also use weapons and armor from these barter shops as enchanting material.

In TERA, there are many quests than cannot be accomplished alone. You will need your friend’s help! Here is an overview of the different quest types:
Solo – You can complete this quest alone easily. Mix – This quest takes place in an area where both solo and group monsters roam. However, you should be able to finish the quest alone, depending on your class.
Party – You will probably need a group in order to complete the quest.
Additionally, the quests marked in orange are meant for a higher level character than yours. Try to get some more experience first!
The unique world of TERA is home to many different inhabitants. A combination of seven playable races, each with a different culture and history, and eight playable classes give you freedom to shape your own history, in a way that you choose.

Explore an enormous world full of diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes, without loading screens and zone transitions. Explore open-world dungeons and fight roaming bosses.

Players in TERA are able to run for election in the groundbreaking political system. Choosing a province or continent, players can make a move to take over the mantle of either a Vanarch, the ruler of a province, or Exarch, the ruler of a continent. Doing so will grant the player prestige, glory and power.

Keep a steady hand and know your arsenal, combat in TERA requires a quick finger and nuance on the battlefield, as most skills have to be aimed and can be dodged.

Feast your eyes on cutting-edge graphics never before seen in an MMO.

The enemies in TERA range from small animals to giant, towering demons and monsters. Fighting those colossal creatures is a completely different experience!

Team up with a group of friends to battle other teams in organized battlegrounds. Prizes, glory and conquest awaits the most skilled warriors.

Advanced guild system, auction house, mounts, achievements... everything you can expect from a complete social MMO experience!
From the ferocious Amani to the mild-tempered Baraka, TERA has seven playable races, each with its own unique lore and background. You can find the information on each race below.

"Honorable Warriors with Savage Instincts."
Descendants of dragons, the mighty Amani are fearless, efficient warriors. They value freedom and trust above all else, having endured a history of slavery and war. Abandoned by their god and enslaved by giants, they regained independence with the help of the Castanics, their god Lok, and the goddess Kaia.
Being the most warlike amongst the federation races, the Amani are known for their prowess both in combat and as weaponsmiths. Their capital, Kaiator, a giant fortress fraught with foundries and ever-practicing recruits, lies on the front of the Valkyon Federation’s war with the Argon menace.
Situated on the front lines of the Argon war, Kaiator is the spearhead of the Valkyon Federation’s army, which constantly wages war against the Argon threat from the north. Players will find themselves both captivated and terrified by the might of the Iron Bastion of the North.

"Independent Warriors, Adept Merchants and Skilled Artisans."
The Castanic clan are proud and independent warriors, adept merchants, and skilled artisans. Having won their freedom from Zuras, the necromantic Deva goddess, they fled Arun and made their way to Shara, where they prospered under the patronage of the demon god, Lok. However, after he was tricked into killing Balder, the diminutive folk had to return to Arun to begin anew, facing invasions and striving to gain power and glory for the clan.
Though seen as short-tempered and opportunistic, known to draw blood first and ask questions later, they value loyalty, making them valuable, if somewhat impulsive, allies.
Shrouded in a dark mist, the streets are illuminated by the crimson glow of advertising signs. An arcane sculpture of Callida, the city’s founder and savior, towers over the city. Ever since the Castanics have joined the Valkyon Federation, Castanica has been home to all manner of black market trading and intelligence networks, as well as an important business hub for brave entrepreneurs.

High Elf
"Proud and Powerful Keepers of Tradition."
The High Elves emerged from an ancient, declining Elven civilization, abandoning their ancestors’ lands, traditions, and gods. After building their capital, Allemantheia, thus establishing themselves in Shara, the High Elves began massive military campaigns against the Nagas and other races. The many resulting conflicts ceased only after the Elves were confronted with the might of the Valkyon Federation, to which they now belong.
Although some hostility and distrust still remains, the High Elves are striving to overcome their xenophobia and become an important part of the Valkyon Federation.
Towering structures and sophisticated architecture are key features of the Elven city, a testament to their particular taste and standard of beauty. Allemantheia is renowned for its large library, a symbol of knowledge, as well as the “Core”, which is the main source of power for the High Elves.

"Guardians of Knowledge and Protectors of the Ancient Heritage."
Created by the god Tithus, the Baraka are a calm and peaceful clan despite their intimidating size. Known to favor the pursuit of knowledge, the ancient giants are scholars and philosophers, applying their wisdom to all aspects of existence, including politics, magic, and warfare.
After losing their homeland during the obliteration of the giants, the Baraka took it upon themselves to record and preserve the world’s history and the common heritage of all races. They established libraries, academies, and schools, indirectly furthering the cause of the federation across all fields.

"Nature is Eternal. The Poporis are Nature."
The Poporis are perhaps the most diverse race of all. Comprised of the various animal species awoken to sentience by the Elins, their looks set them apart from the other races. They share an ever-cheerful and inquisitive spirit with the Elins, as well as a love of nature and a strong desire to protect it.
The Poporis are surprisingly powerful warriors and adept mages. Opponents often underestimate their strength – usually with dire consequences. The Argons are one of their sworn adversaries, although the Poporis give no quarter to anyone invading their lands, regardless of race or previous allegiances.
The capital city of the Poporis and the Elins has a rich, magical aura. The trees are always in bloom, creating a beautiful, enchanted setting. In a perfect blend of nature and architecture, skyward constructions merge with the flora to create impressive, awe-inspiring structures.

"Exemplars of Vitality and Aspiration."
As the creators of the Valkyon Federation, Humans are respected for having achieved so much without the help of their creator, Gidd, who cursed them to wander about without a homeland. After millennia of roaming, the Humans must now use their valor, tenacity, and indomitable spirit to stabilize a world torn by war. Despite having settled down, the Humans are still nomads at heart: open to other cultures and philosophies, proactive, and restless at times – after all, there is still so much to explore!
Velika is not only the world’s most important hub for travel and trade, but also the capital of the Valkyon Federation. The city is teeming with citizens, merchants, travelers, and recruits. But the symptoms of war are also present in Arun’s largest city. With the Falconcrest Guards deployed to the front lines and the implementation of strict rations, discontent and crime are rising in the dark alleys of the City of Wheels.

"Nature’s Foremost Protectors."
Created by the goddess Elinu to protect all living beings, the Elins are lively and curious – and when necessary also tenacious. As nature’s foremost protectors, they have a history of conflict with other races, although their animalistic wrath is now focused on the Argons.
The petite stature and often childish behavior of the Elins leads many to underestimate them. Those who get on their bad side will soon discover that nature is a wild and unrelenting power – the Elins do not adhere to the constraints and principles seen in other races.
The capital city of the Elins and the Poporis has a rich, magical aura. The trees are always in bloom, creating a beautiful, enchanted setting. In a perfect blend of nature and architecture, skyward constructions merge with the flora to create impressive, awe-inspiring structures.
What better way to complement the unique action combat of TERA, than to have eight unique classes. Whether you choose to be a healer, dedicated to saving your allies or a Lancer, sacrificing yourself for the wellbeing of the team, you will be valued and praised no matter what. Below you can find the information as well as a small piece of lore for each of TERA’s classes.

“As Fast and Deadly as a Typhoon.”
The trademarks of the warrior are lightning-fast attacks and excellent mobility, allowing this prodigal martial artist to fulfill many roles in combat. Able to dash, roll and jump his way across the battlefield, slowing and distracting enemies or quickly dispatching them, a warrior’s presence in battle is felt by both sides.
The warrior’s weapons of choice are the twin blades, enabling a skilled swordsman to take on multiple enemies or suppress a single foe with a barrage of blows.
“As subtle as a breeze, as dangerous as a typhoon”
The warrior class utilizes TERA’s unique combat system to its fullest, allowing you to precisely aim every attack, or skillfully dodge out of harm’s way.
A warrior’s attacks are relatively light, but his mastery of the blades allows him to inflict a steady output of damage by utilizing the combo system to chain together attacks and skills, as well as maintain the optimal distance from his target.
Warriors wear leather armor, making them more vulnerable to damage in direct confrontation, but allowing for an unparalleled degree of mobility. Though not as resilient as other classes, warriors can act as off-tanks, drawing the enemy’s focus while evading their attacks.
Good at initiating fights, warriors can often be found wreaking havoc in enemy ranks, disrupting formations and picking off weakened opponents, all in a deadly dance of steel.

"Stalward Defenders of the Federation."
Stalwart defenders of the Federation, the heavily armored lancers are masters of protection. Using their shield and their many defensive abilities, they are able to take on any incoming enemies, shielding allies from harm and allowing the team to focus on their own tasks.
Their attacks are slow, but precise and powerful, able to stun or knock enemies down. Lances provide good range for a melee class, allowing lancers to keep enemies at a safe distance. However, should an enemy get up close, the lancer can use his shield defensively just as well.
Wearing plate armor, the heaviest defense available to the soldiers of the Valkyon Federation, the lancer has exceptional protection against damage, albeit limited mobility.
His role in a fight – drawing the enemy’s focus to himself – does not require him to be mobile. Though lancers fight at their best in groups, utilizing defensive formations, they are dangerous opponents in a duel as well. Their ability to withstand damage and limit their enemy’s movement makes them a force to be reckoned with.

"Swift Sharpshooters Striking from a Distance."
The bow-wielding archers are most often employed as scouts and spies in the Valkyon Federation.
However, it’s the battlefield that reveals their true potential for warfare. An archer is the eyes of the squad, making sure every ally is in the right position and every enemy pinned down. His arsenal of arrows and traps allows him to control the flow of any encounter.
The archer is a challenging class to play, requiring good reflexes and strategic thinking, but rewarding for those players who choose to master the way of the bow. With a wide array of skills, the archer is one of the most versatile classes in the game, able to respond to virtually any situation.
Archers are naturally most effective at medium and long range, unloading tons of damage with their charge-up skills or short bursts. To keep an enemy at the desired range, or chase him down, they can use traps, slowing shots and long-range attacks, making them great at finishing off weakened enemies.
Archers wear leather armor to maintain the agility required for using their skills. They should avoid direct contact with melee fighters when possible, so their highly developed escape skills often come in handy. Keeping enemies at the right distance is a vital part of playing an archer, and every shot must be carefully aimed.

"Masters of Arcane Power."
Sorcerers channel the potency of purest magic through their mystical discs, directing unseen energies to damage many foes at once, as well as guarding the flanks of their allies and breaking up charges.
Playing a key role in every battle, the sorcerer’s keen mind allows him to spot and exploit any weakness shown by the enemy, or escape from a tight spot using arcane tricks.
“Masters of the world’s secret truths and mysterious forces”
Boasting one of the highest damage outputs among the classes in TERA, a sorcerer, if correctly employed, can turn the tides of any battle. As a dedicated damage-dealing class, sorcerers have a wide array of spells which can be used to control battles from behind the front lines, obliterating weaker enemies and destroying approaching targets with blasts of pure arcane power.
The sorcerer wears cloth armor and, as such, must rely on correct positioning, mobility and controlling the movements of his foes to avoid coming into direct contact with enemy fighters.
Though rather fragile, he can hold his own in a duel by outsmarting and outmaneuvering his opponent.
Though the sorcerer’s role in a group is usually to dish out heavy damage, he also possesses spells allowing him to slow or trap enemies, or dash back to safety.

"Overseer of destruction"
Dominating the battlefield with a focused offense and aggressive tactics, the slayer is a harbinger of death, cutting a swath of destruction through his enemies. Wide-sweeping attacks, skillful dodges and versatile abilities make slayers a valued addition to the Valkyon Federation army.
“Have the courage to survive – anyone can die.”
The slayers are one of TERA’s foremost damage dealers, cutting down groups as well as single foes in a matter of seconds. Wielding massive two-handed swords, they are able to damage enemies approaching from any side, or knock down and crush them with devastating overhead attacks.
They wear leather armor, making them agile enough to avoid damage and position themselves before unleashing their powerful skills, as well as offering some protection when they are forced to fight in the thick of the battle.
In a team fight, slayers excel at taking down distracted enemies, using a wide array of focused attacks and leaving the foe stunned and unable to retaliate. With their deadly mix of mobility and high attack damage, they are also accomplished duelists

"Rampaging Marauders of the Battlefield."
Fearlessly facing entire hordes of enemies, destroying foes with sweeping cuts of their huge axes and turning the tides in almost suicidal battles, the berserkers are the unyielding, unbreakable warriors of TERA.
Berserkers are the focused, aggressive disruptors on any battlefield. Their attacks are unpredictable and powerful, usually striking all nearby foes. They are able to defend their allies, fighting in the thick of battle, and they prepare themselves in order to unleash their furious strikes at just the right moment. With proper handling, berserkers are at the pinnacle when it comes to dealing damage, at least among the melee classes.
Berserkers, like lancers, are capable of wearing plate armor and as such have better than expected armor and defensive capabilities. However, their weapon of choice – the battle axe – is what makes them instantly recognizable, especially in battle.
The berserker’s skills focus on devastating attacks, further improving his melee prowess with stuns, knockdowns and debuffs. He specializes in taking down groups of enemies in melee range and wreaking havoc amongst enemy ranks.

"Holy Warriors Blessed by the Gods."
Healing, supporting and even resurrecting party members, the priest’s focus is the well-being of his allies. Despite having basic combat training, most Valkyon Federation priests are dedicated squad medics, making sure others can fight at full capacity.
They are often underestimated, but without these divine magicians and the powers their gods bestow upon them, battles would be much bloodier and far more costly.
Carrying out the will of their gods, priests are able to bless and heal their allies, even bringing them back to life. Naturally, they excel at keeping the party alive with healing, as well as suppressing enemies and reducing damage. A priest allows his party to operate at full capacity and maximum speed, without worry of injury or death.
Being fully dedicated team players, priests can summon their allies to them, or teleport the entire party to a safe location, making questing not only safer, but also faster.
Priests typically wear light robes, usually more ceremonial than protective. Due to their fragile nature, they rely on their healing and defensive abilities to survive in the heat of battle.

"Mystical Powers between Darkness and Light."
Enigmatic, mysterious, powerful – though mystics evoke mixed emotions amongst adventurers, one thing about them is clear – unlike traditional sorcerers, they tap into the primal, raw energies of nature, making the best of its diversity.
Most of the mystics travel across the lands to perform what could be described as miracles. In the Valkyon Federation, they are the most versatile soldiers, often leading small squads during specialized missions.
The mystics of TERA may fulfill almost any role in a group, thanks to their wide array of abilities, ranging from healing, resurrection and buffs to slows, stuns and damaging spells. The mystic is able to summon thralls, elemental guardians which aid him in various ways, be it keeping his party alive or destroying his enemies.
Mystics can also use a unique skill – teleport jaunt – to freely teleport around the battlefield, maintaining presence where required or creating unexpected opportunities for engagement. Mystics wear only robe-type armor, so they require the utmost agility to offset their lightweight protection. Even if they receive major damage, they can bring themselves back into the fray through their healing and crowd-control abilities, or with the help of their summoned thralls.
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